Kathryn’s combination of exceptional musical sensitivity, stylistic awareness and scholarly research enable her to present whichever instrument she plays as a true ensemble instrument.  Not only in an accompanying role, but adding an equal, spontaneous dialogue. She creates textures which surround the ensemble while adding her own soloistic voice.  This page is a showcase for her ensembles.

The Caecilia Concert is a versatile international ensemble specialising in performance and research of 17th century music for instruments and voices. The ensemble was formed in 2001, and its unique core of early trombone, bassoon and keyboards, has continued to charm audiences all over Europe for more than ten years.  As well as small-scale recitals featuring the core players, the ensemble is frequently joined by leading string and wind players from the very top of today’s early music scene.

The Caecilia-Concert has given recitals in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria and the UK as well as broadcasts on several major radio stations. In 2006 the group launched its debut CD entitled ‘Treasury of a Saint’ which received critical acclaim and 2007 saw the release of ‘Buxtehude & Co’ which features rarely performed masterpieces from 17th century Germany.  2009 saw the launch of ‘Schmelzer & Co’, featuring music from the Imperial Habsburg courts and 2012 will see the release of ‘Castello & Co”: a recording of the groundbreaking instrumental music published and republished throughout Europe during the first half of the 17th century, and responsible for the establishment of the instrumental chamber-music genre. 

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photo: Merlijn Doomernik

The husband and wife team Wouter Verschuren en Kathryn Cok specializes in the performance of repertoire for historical bassoon and keyboard on historical instruments. They perform repertoire from the early baroque period up to the romantic area.

Banchetto Musicali:
A varied program, the first half of which features repertoire for dulcian and harpsichord such as the wonderful Sonata Settima by Giovanni Antonio Bertoli. The second half showcases works for baroque bassoon and harpsichord by the great masters of the high baroque such as G.F.Handel and J.S.Bach

Recently discovered exciting sonatas by Freiherr Nikolaus von Krufft for classical bassoon and fortepiano.

Delices de la Solitude:
Featuring record player Saskia Coolen. A lively high baroque program for recorder, baroque bassoon and harpsichord featuring trio sonatas by composers such as Vivaldi, Handel and Boismortier.

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Ensemble Delaborde plays the music of Baroque composers Telemann, J.S. Bach, Devienne, Schaffrath, Schwarzkopf  and Faschin, among others.  As this rich repertoire calls for varying musical forces, the ensemble varies its size and instrumentation according to the musical requirements, therefore remaining faithful to the composers’ wishes. The members are all established leading exponents of their instruments in the international world of ‘Historical Performance’ and perform regularly in major music festivals and concert venues around the globe. Alongside performing, the members of Ensemble Delaborde also hold positions as Professors at several Music Conservatories in the Netherland and abroad.

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra

Since 2002 Kathryn has been a regular member of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, led by Ton Koopman.  She has recorded over 20 CDs with them and toured the world, performing in some of the most beautiful and prestigious venues.  ABO can be found at

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